Tools of the Trade

  1. Weather Underground - accuracy in long range forecasting matters to me
  2. Wyze - the connected invention factory - one of my favorite startups personally
  3. AWS - hosting this very site, in fact - inventing the tech that changes everything 
  4. MacOS + iOS - perfection in end-user operating systems -- accept no substitute  
  5. Slack - the central nervous system for realtime business operations. 
  6. LinkedIn - the only legitimate use case for social media these days.  nuke the rest.
  7. OmniFocus - prevents most ball drops when used consistently and correctly
  8. Publii - how I build and maintain this small site.  elegant in its simplicity.
  9. Zoom - the competition isn't even close, esp. for marginal network conditions
  10. PhotoSweeper - this surely should be built in to Apple Photos by now, no?
  11. KEXP - arguably the very best thing about Seattle!  Become an Amplifier today! 
  12. Microsoft 365 - I have (very) mixed feelings about it, but use it all day every day.
  13. LLMs - I use ChatGPT and Claude2 on Bedrock.  Ride the wave or drown.