Career Portfolio

Primary Career Activities, Highlights, and Achievements

NOTE:  The most complete, accurate, and up to date information can always be found on my LinkedIn Profile page.   I keep it up to date at all times.  This personal site is updated far less frequently.  LinkedIn is far more fun anyway - the only social network worth using at this point.  #deletefacebook and the rest of it.

Cascadeo X Globe Cloud Solutions - a Gartner Magic Quadrant company & AWS Premier Tier partner - 17+ years in the making.  Cascadeo is proudly a party to a Strategic Collaboration Agreement (SCA) with AWS, driving cloud adoption and labor force development in both Asia and North America.  I am the founder, president, and CTO of Cascadeo.

HBO "Silicon Valley" (TV series) - I was a senior technical advisor for season 2.0.

Seattle Internet eXchange - the world's largest free Internet exchange point (IXP) - I have served in various leadership & board roles over 20+ years.

The River Internet Access Co. which acquired Seattle's early dial-up ISP Internet Services along with other indy ISPs.   I served in various executive leadership roles at The River after it acquired, where I was the VP of Operations.  

Volunteer work and community involvement

Some other things I have worked on over the last ~25 years in tech